Message from the from the Chair of Department, ODEL

In line with the University College mission ‘To provide quality training, research and innovation in order to meet the needs of a dynamic society.’ The university College has sought as a strategic goal, to enhance access to university education to meet the ever increasing demand for higher education by establishing the Open, Distance and e-Learning Directorate under the School of Computing and Information Technology.

ODeL is one of the latest innovations by Kaimosi Friends University College and a flagship project by the Principal to facilitate high quality online delivery of certificate, diploma and degree programmes to learners in various parts of the country, the East African community and beyond.

KAFUCO with the use of modern technologies is not only there realise equitable access to higher education through e-Learning but also improve the quality of educational experience for our learners. The ODeL Directorate is modeled around a web-based Learning Management System (LMS), electronic community and administrative centers for students and schools. All programmes offered at the eLearning directorate are primarily delivered through the internet, with students taking sit-in examinations at the University.