Beyond books: what it takes to be a 21st century librarian

“From connecting with people to keeping up with the latest technologies, there is a whole lot more to the job than stamping due dates”

Books are only one aspect of what KAFUCO Library is all about. As librarians our core business is all about connecting people with the information they are seeking, irrespective of the format (print or electronic).

Contrary to popular belief that in the digital age, when information is increasingly becoming available online, there is a propensity to say that libraries and librarians are redundant. This is not the case. If anything, the internet has added to the range of services that KAFUCO Library provides and in turn this has also increased the variety of roles available to the librarians at KAFUCO.

Information available online is often of dubious origin and it can be overwhelming to an ordinary library user who has to sift through this sea of information just to extract some relevant piece of information. This is where librarians come in handy.

As well as being good communicators with people and active adopters and exploiters of technological developments, librarians at KAFUCO equally have detailed specialist subject knowledge to pass on to library users. KAFUCO Librarians provide training to show people how to search for information and evaluate what they find. These information skills sessions are now expanding to include digital literacies such as how to stay safe online, the use of social media sites and online collaboration tools to enable users make maximum use of the library and the information it contains.


KAFUCO library provides quality resources and innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity, and to facilitate lifelong learning and research within the communities we serve.


The Library is the academic hub of KAFUCO, advancing, strengthening and enhancing research, education and innovation in a networked world. We will excel in promoting intellectual growth through:  collecting, preserving, and providing access to the best scholarly and educational resources; providing high quality, innovative services; and creating a welcoming and comfortable physical environment.  We will foster an atmosphere that encourages diversity, excellence, creativity, and continued growth in finding innovative ways to surpass the customers’ needs and expectations not to mention the CUE Library standards.


  • Complement and support KAFUCO’s business processes of teaching, learning and research through the provision of appropriate and relevant information resources and services.
  • Organize, preserve and provide access to information resources in a way that ensures optimum benefit for library users.
  • Provide quality services and expertise designed to facilitate the effective use of information resources and library services.
  • Provide flexible library spaces and facilities for use of information resources for all library users for private and group study.

Core Values

We are a client-centered library which values high quality scholarship, lifelong learning, and quality service to our clientele.

We pride ourselves with a work environment of: -

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Responsiveness
  • Empathy
  • Transparency and above all
  • Respect for our clientele.

KAFUCO Library staff is characterized by: -

  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Diversity
  • Flexibility
  • Risk-taking and most importantly
  • Interpersonal relation

Sections of Library

The library is divided into four sections:-

  1. The University College Librarian’s Office
  2. The Technical Services Section includes: - the Acquisitions and Bibliographic Subsections
  3. The Readers Services Section includes: - (Reference and Information Desk, Circulation Desk; Periodicals Section, Special Collection and the Electronic Library Subsection (coming soon)
  4. Bindery Section

Library Services

The following services are offered at KAFUCO Library: -

  1. Registration of Library services
  2. Circulation services
  3. Current Awareness Services (CAS)
  4. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  5. E-Library services (e-books; e-journals)
  6. Reference and Information Services
  7. User Advisory services
  8. Information Literacy Skills
  9. Indexing and Abstracting services

Library Spaces

The library space has expanded and it can comfortably accommodate 220 library users at any given time from the previous sixty users. We shall continuously expand the library spaces as the student population grows to ensure that it can accommodate more users given that there are no other libraries such as public or national libraries where students can read from. This makes it prudent for the Library to expand in the near future rather than later.

Information Resources

The Library has a total of approximately 2,000 volumes of which 342 are the recent acquisitions from the University of Nairobi Bookshop in Kisumu. Three hundred and thirty volumes were acquired through donations from Strathmore University and approximately 1670 volumes were acquired through purchase from various book vendors.

Institutional Repository

The library is in the process of establishing an Institutional Repository for KAFUCO. Several publications have been availed to the library by the academic staff spearheaded by the Principal, Deputy Principal (A&SA) and Deputy Principal (A F&P).

Computers for the Library

The library has requisitioned for 30 pcs of computers to facilitate accessibility of electronic resources as well as prepare for automating the library operations and information services. Harnessing ICTs in library operations and information services will enhance the provision of quality services to KAFUCO library users as well as open accessibility of information resources beyond the four walls of the library.

Contact Us

  • Tel:  0777373633
  • Email:
  • Address: P.O BOX 385 - 50309, Kaimosi

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