Prof.Y.K. Ayodo

Dip.Ed (Sc), B.Ed (Sc) Hons, M.Phil. D.Phil

Associate Professor of Physics &

Deputy Principal (Academics and Students Affairs)

Warm welcome to the Academics and Student Affairs division of Kaimosi Friends University College. This is a vibrant division that is at the core of our functions as a University College. We are at the forefront toward the realization of our vision- To be a Premier University in Training, Research, Innovation and Enterprise Development. Further, to achieve our vision, we envisage to provide quality training, research and innovation that would meet the needs of a dynamic society.

Some of the functions of the academics and students affairs division are the following:-

  1. Pursue the mission and vision of the university college as outlined in the strategic plan for transformative learning and operational efficiency.
  2. Promotion of scholarship and skills transfer through relevant programmes.
  3. Formulation and implementation of academic policy for teaching and research.
  4. Co-ordination of academic collaboration with other institutions of higher learning both local and international.
  5. Management of student affairs including but not limited to admission, welfare and discipline.
  6. Co-ordination of the preparation and implementation of courses and examinations.
  7. Management and co-ordination of research and postgraduate studies.
  8. Initiation of programmes in research, scholarships, student and staff exchange.
  9. Organization of conferences and workshops.
  10. Mobilization of resources for the furtherance of academic ideals of the University.
  11. Co-ordination of Alumni activities of the University.
  12. Development of new academic programmes and carrying out curriculum reviews.
  13. Provision of secretarial services to the university academic board and its committees.
  14. Provision of support to Deans, CoDs, Directors and university committees on Academic and operational plans.
  15. Perform any other academic function that may improve the welfare of the university.

Currently, we have the faculty of education and social sciences that encompasses the following departments: - department of education, department of commerce and the department of languages and social sciences. This is informed by the fact that we currently have a shortage of academic and administrative staff to run different faculties and departments. The programmes being offered are Bachelor of Education (Arts), Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education), Bachelor of Education (French), Bachelor of Criminology, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Social Work and Community Development, Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Certificate in Social Work and Community Development. However, there are several programmes to be offered in the 2016/2017 academic year at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels (see a comprehensive list of our academic programmes and admission requirements elsewhere on this website). Also in line with our 2016-2020 strategic plan, there shall be the following schools:- School of Education, School of Arts and Social Sciences, School of Science, School of Computing and Informatics, School of Agriculture and Vertinary Sciences and School of Engineering. 

Students’ enrollment in the current 2015/2016 academic year stands at 514. There are also a few students who have joined the university for May-August 2016 semester as new students and others for the accelerated programme.  For September 2016 intake, we expect a total of about 900 government-sponsored students. This number would definitely grow significantly every subsequent academic year. We welcome all Kenyans to make applications or enquiries to join our academic programmes-surely you will not be disappointed.

The division has made great strides to acquire educational literature in terms of books and e-learning materials as well as having in place a library and a computer laboratory. Most of our students have smart phones or personal laptops and can access e-books and other on-line academic information. With subsequent improvement in our internet connectivity, we purpose to have high integration of information technology in our academic programmes. Our approach to teaching and learning is student-centred and there is adequate accessibility to lecturers, chairperson of departments and deans by the students. It is a classic case of student-mentor relationship.

Once again, we welcome all prospective students and stakeholders to the division of academics and students affairs of Kaimosi Friends University College. Take time, visit us and sample what we have.

Contact Us

  • Tel:  0777373633
  • Email:
  • Address: P.O BOX 385 - 50309, Kaimosi

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