Background Information

Books are only one aspect of what KAFUCO Library is all about. As librarians, our core business is all about connecting people with the information they are seeking, irrespective of the format (print or electronic).

 Contrary to popular belief that in the digital age, when information is increasingly becoming available online, there is a propensity to say that libraries and librarians are redundant. This is not the case. If anything, the internet has added to the range of services that KAFUCO Library provides and in turn this has also increased the variety of roles available to the librarians at KAFUCO.

The information available online is often of dubious origin and it can be overwhelming to an ordinary library user who has to sift through this sea of information just to extract some relevant piece of information. This is where librarians come in handy.

As well as being good communicators with people and active adopters and exploiters of technological developments, librarians at KAFUCO equally have detailed specialist subject knowledge to pass on to library users. KAFUCO Librarians provide training to show people how to search for information and evaluate what they find. These information skills sessions are now expanding to include digital literacies such as how to stay safe online, the use of social media sites and online collaboration tools to enable users to make maximum use of the library and the information it contains.




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