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Note: Click on the category description to download the tender documents:

Procurement Department
Category A. Pre-qualifications
S/N Category Number Category Description Eligibility
1. Kafuco/01/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Beef, Mutton and Allied Products Open
2. Kafuco/02/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Vegetable and Fruits Special Group
3. Kafuco/03/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Dry Groceries Open
4. Kafuco/04/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Building Materials Open
5. Kafuco/05/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Firewood and Charcoal Open
6. Kafuco/06/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Chicken, Fish and Allied Products Open
7. Kafuco/07/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Stationary Open
8. Kafuco/08/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Tonners and Cartridges Open
9. Kafuco/09/2016-2017 Supply And Delivery of Human Drugs, Surgical Equipment, Materials and Related Product Open
10. Kafuco/10/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Dry Cereals Special Group
11. Kafuco/11/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Fittings and Materials Open
12. Kafuco/12/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Hardware Materials Open
13. Kafuco/13/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials Special Group
14. Kafuco/14/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Office and Students Furniture Open
15. Kafuco/15/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Sports Ware, Equipment and Related Materials Open
16. Kafuco/16/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Servicing Of Photocopiers And Accessories Open
17. Kafuco/17/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment Open
18. Kafuco/18/2016-2017 Supply delivery and Servicing of Computers, Printers LCD Projectors Machines, Scanners and related products Open
19. Kafuco/19/2016-2017 Supply Delivery and Servicing of Medical Laboratory Equipment and Related Materials Open
Category B. Services   
20.  Kafuco/20/2016-18 Provision of Printing Services  Special Group
21.  Kafuco/21/2016-2018 Provision of Legal Services  Open
    Category C. Tenders​


22. Kafuco/EST/01/16-17 Proposed Construction of Tuition Block and Associated Works 2% Of Tender Sum Open
23 Kafuco/EST 02/16-17 Supply delivery installation testing and commissioning of sanitary fittings, plumbing drainage and portable firefighting equipment 2% Of Tender Sum Open
24. Kafuco/EST/03/16-17 Installation of electrical works 2% Of Tender Sum Open
25. Kafuco/Adm/04/2016-2018 Provision of Insurance Services 2% Of Tender Sum Open
26. Kafuco/Sec/05/2016-2018 Provision of Security Services 2% Of Tender Sum Open
27. Kafuco/Trans/06/2016-2018 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicles 2% Of Tender Sum Open

Detailed tender documents may be obtained from Procurement Office during normal working hours upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1000/= (Kenya Shillings One Thousand) only, payable at KCB Mbale A/C No. 1164385291 OR downloaded FREE of charge from the University website: or IFMIS supplier’s portal.

The Special Group comprises of Youths, Women and People with Disability who are fully registered with the National Treasury (Directorate of Procurement).

Duly completed bid documents in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked with category number and category description bearing no other mark, name or indication of the applicant shall be send to;

The Principal
Kaimosi Friends University College
P. O. BOX 385-50309

Or dropped in the tender Box outside the Principals Office at Kaimosi and not any other place, box, office or campus, so as to reach the University not later than 1200 hours on Wednesday 2nd November 2016. Opening of the bid documents will be done immediately thereafter in the presence of applicants or their representatives who choose to attend.


On 5th August 2016 a new dispensation was captured in Kenya Universities Sports Association when the Games Tutor for KAFUCO, Mr. Sandagi Joseph Kidake was elected unopposed as the association's General Secretary.

It is anticipated that the great dawn will see him use his position to elevate KAFUCO sports fraternity and the entire University status to a great height.

Congratulations to Mr Sandagi and the KAFUCO family wishes you God's blessings and wisdom in your four year tenure.


Registered S Clinical Officer

Diploma, Clinical Medicine and Surgery

BSc Environmental Health

University Health Centre Services (UHCS)

The KAFUCO Health Services started in September, 2014 as an outpatient clinic for students, staff and their dependants.

University health staffs are always on duty to help you whether it’s time for routine regular check up, for questions relating to your health or you are feeling unwell.  We are committed to providing professional, friendly medical services to our clients.

In-patient services are offered to university Staff and their dependent(s) upon referral to university appointed Hospital by the clinician on duty (Medical Officer or Clinical Officer). Staff admission into these facilities is determined by the Terms and Conditions of Service for various cadres.

In- patient services offered to KAFUCO students upon referral by a clinician are supposed to be paid by their parents or guardian hence the need for all students to enroll and register with NHIF or get a copy of NHIF contribution certificate from their sponsors.

The University College health care system is mainly funded by the government. This has played a major role towards achieving the vision, mission and set objectives for the department. 

It’s important to note that KAFUCO health staffs have continued working together and supporting each other as a team towards achieving the departmental goals. This culture has ensured professional coordination and accountability in all sections in the department (Records, Clinical, Nursing, laboratory* and Pharmacy).

ALL of our health care services offered are strictly CONFIDENTIAL

Vision, Mission & Core Values


  • To be the excellent quality health services provider for students, staff and their dependents.


  • To be the most preferred health care services provider, maintaining highest health care standards to clients by providing quality health care that is internationally recognized.

Core values:

 The vision and mission can be realized by nurturing the following shared values by the UHS:

  1. Professionalism and ethics
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Respect for human dignity and rights
  4. Truthfulness, honesty and integrity
  5. Diligence and competence
  6. Efficiency and effectiveness
  7. Timeliness
  8. Accountability and transparency
  9. Team work

Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide equitable and quality health care to bona fide members
  2. To develop dynamic leadership and managerial skills
  3. To enhance organizational culture of participation, ownership and purposefulness
  4. To effectively  utilize and manage health related resources
  5. To establish, strengthen and sustain policy on HIV/AIDS and VCT services
  6. To expand and modernize  physical facilities and services- digitalization

Our Clients

  • Our esteemed clients are divided into two main groups

Internal clients

  1. University students
  2. University staff and their dependents

External clients

  1. Suppliers of medicines, surgical items, laboratory items and medical equipment
  2. University appointed medical specialist (physician, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, Surgeon, Dentist etc) and Hospitals.
  3. The general public.

Partners/ stakeholders

Our partners and stakeholders include:

  1. Government of Kenya - National and County Government.
  2. Ministry of medical services - National and County.
  3. Vihiga county referral Hospital
  4. Kakamega county referral Hospital
  5. Kapsabet County referral Hospital
  6. University Appointed Private Hospitals and specialist
  7. National Hospital Insurance Fund - NHIF
  8. National AIDS Control Council – University AIDS Control Unit(UACU)
  9. National AIDS and STI Control Program – UACU
  10. University non contributory medical scheme

The Senate has approved examination results for 2015/2016 Academic year. All students are required to examine and take note of the courses where they failed. Students will not be allowed to proceed to the next year of study if they failed more than 25 percent of courses taken.

Supplementary  exams for failed courses will be taken when end of semester exams for the succesive cohort are offered in the respective courses.

Transcripts for those who passed all courses will be available in the Academic Affairs Office as from Tuesday, 4th September 2016. A schedule to guide how student groups may pick their transcripts will be available on notice boards on Monday, 3rd October 2016.

Assistant Registrar  (Academic Affairs)

Click to download:

Bachelor of Commerce - First Years

Bachelor of Commerce - Second Years

Bachelor of Criminology - First Years

Bachelor of Social Work - First Years

Bachelor of Education (Arts) - First Year

Bachelor of Education (Arts) - Second Years

Diploma in Business Management

Certificate in Social Work

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  • Email:
  • Address: P.O BOX 385 - 50309, Kaimosi

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