Catering Services

w3CXiKnuQwqqKLHrdEfy serving lineOur goal to provide you an exceptional catering experience with delicious, fresh foods, creative menus, and friendly, professional service.


To provide the customer with the finest catering Services. We are in existence to attract and maintain customers and hence our services will exceed their expectations.
To be a unit of excellence in provision of catering services.
i. Provide quality meals to students, staff and all guests patronizing the university and beyond
ii. To create a service based unit whose primary goal is to exceed the customers’ expectations
iii. To increase the number of clients served by 5 % per quarter through excellent service
iv. To develop a sustainable start up unit
v. To develop enough cash flow to run the catering unit and also grow the business


We meet and exceed the customers need in terms of quality of food and excellence of service

Core Values

• Productivity
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Customer satisfaction
• Accountability
• Excellence

Staff Members

Joseph Imongin Getrude Vusieka
Cook Cook
Craft In Food And Beverages Diploma In Food And Beverages

Marion Osore Pius Kipsang
Dining Hall Checker Dining Hall Checker
Diploma In Food And Beverages. Certificate In Food and Beverages

Aggrey Ayoo Yvonne Usagi
Cook Dinnign hall checker
Certificate in food and bevarages Certificate in Tourism

Seth Agessa Joel Samita
Cook Cook
Kcse certificate KCSE Certificate 

Judith Minayo Rachel Khasoa
Kitchen Attendant Kitchen Attendant
KCSE Certificate KCSE Certificate 

Josephat Aligula Meshak Kongai
Cook Cook
KCPE Certificate KCPE Certificate. 

Gladys Mmbone
Kitchen Attendant
KCPE Certificate