KAFUCO Education student Caroline Nanjala has won a cash prize in a Students Essay Writing Competition targeted at university students countrywide.

The essay competition was organized by the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) to mark the international year of the plant health.

Her essay titled “Towards sustainable food security” written under the tutelage of Dr Victor Shikuku (School of Science) was ranked 5th

The prize was awarded on Thursday, September 16, 2021 during the 3rd Phytosanitary Conference hosted by KEPHIS.

The competition was aimed at engaging university students on the importance of plant health and its effects on agricultural resources, the environment, human health and the economy.

Its primary aim is to sensitize students on the benefits of agriculture and enumerated on the many opportunities available for the youth in the agriculture value chain.

There were six thematic areas for the students to write on, i.e. emerging pests and diseases, climate change and its effects on food production, phytosanitary and market access, food security and the Big 4 Agenda for Kenya, Adoption of use of certified seeds for food security and devolution and plant health.

Nanjala is a B.Ed Science (Mathematics and Chemistry) student.


13 September 2021, 7:59 am


KAFUCO’s School of Nursing has been launched, setting the ground for the training of qualified nurses to help supply the country’s growing demand.

The launch themed ‘Advancing the Vision for Future Healthcare’ was presided over by Nursing Council of Kenya CEO Edna Tallam-Kimaiyo.

The Principal Prof. Ogodo, M.J. Nandi and the presiding Chairperson of Council Dr Josephine Waudo led the University fraternity.

Our partners in the training clinical sites, as well co-sponsors Equity Bank and KCB Bank, as well our mother University, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology graced the occasion. The National Council of Churches of Kenya, the immediate community, as well as the political leadership, were represented.

The guest speaker challenged the University College to provide a high standard of training, maintain professionalism and integrity in setting standards for entry for students, number of students admitted per cohort vis a vis available training resources and equipment, qualification and number of the tutors, and uniformity of the curriculum.

NCK, she said, would guide the growth of the School by availing avenues for engagement and collaboration with like-minded partners.

Ms Tallam was pleased with the plans to offer the BSc. Nursing programme through a hybrid approach to delivery, which blends the traditional face-to-face classroom with digital learning.

“We understand that blended learning brings depth to nursing education and fosters student engagement.”

In their speeches, the Principal and the Presiding Council Chairperson committed to supporting the growth of the School into the envisioned College of Health Sciences. They described the school as the pad from where the University’s identity as a Center of Excellence in Health Sciences will be launched.

“The new school offers us the opportunity to transform the model of nursing and midwifery education and research at this time of significant change in our health sector. It equally gives impetus to our quest for a center of excellence in Health Sciences.

We are therefore establishing this school with vision of helping alleviate shortage of nurses in the country and across the region,” said Prof Nandi.

Dr Waudo said the Council was committed to supporting the vision the Managament had set in launching the School. The Council, she said, would help in sourcing for funds to see the University cut a niche as a world class university delivering high quality supply of professionals to drive the national, regional and global development agenda.

To create a pool of professionals with relevant skills the University College has equipped the school with education resources including a well-equipped skills laboratory, access to anatomy laboratory in our mother university – MMUST, library, sufficient lecture rooms, computer laboratory and highly qualified lecturers and support staff.

Forty (40) students have been placed in the programme by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service.


10 September 2021, 7:23 am


 On behalf of the entire Kaimosi Friends University College fraternity it is my great pleasure to extend our warm and hearty welcome to you our new students to this great university, Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO).

I wish to congratulate you for working hard and passing your KCSE examination. Also, I applaud you on your selecting KAFUCO as your university of choice and securing an admission. You made the right choice. To those of you who revised your first choice in favour of KAFUCO, I thank you for the vote of confidence too.

I wish to extend my gratitude to your parents, guardians and sponsors whose support has enabled you to be here today. Respect and keep praying for them.

Dear students,

I want to assure you that you are joining a student-centered academic community. Together with the entire supportive community of dedicated faculty and staff, we will do our best to provide you with a caring environment that will enable you to take the right steps towards a brighter future and career success, as well as an outstanding student experience.

You are joining this University at a moment that is not any different from that under which you sat your KCSE examinations. The world, and indeed, the country, is still battling newer variants of Covid-19.

We have had to adjust our operations, including embracing blended learning(virtual and physical), to make the University safe for the entire KAFUCO community. We have taken deliberate measures to avoid the spread of the pandemic and it will be important that you follow the measures already introduced to you for the benefit of not just yourself, but the community.

Dear students,

As you settle in, I hope this orientation week has offered you the necessary support you need to become part of this growing community, and to focus on your core business here as soon as lectures begin.

I want to assure you that my management will go to great lengths to protect you and champion your interests as a student throughout your stay here

Report any member of staff who denies you service. Likewise, feel free to report any attempts of sexual exploitation and abuse from any member of staff.

Dear students,

KAFUCO is a student-centred academic community and endeavours to give you the best foundations to an independent life in your chosen career paths.

Our priority is to provide every one of you with formal qualification for a rewarding career. We opened a window of cross-faculty as well as intra-faculty transfers because we want you to settle on a career path of your choice. The Registrsr Academics will give you guidelines on how to go about it.

Your success in the career programme you selected will however depend largely on your conduct as a student. Unlike primary and secondary schools where success is pegged only on the final national examinations, the university system is different. All forms of assessments from 1st year will cumulatively contribute to your exit grade at Fourth Year.

Treat your classes and these examinations as crucial components of this exit grade. Read the regulations on exams in your student handbook and abide by those rules and regulations to avoid consequences of exam malpractice.

We pride ourselves in timely completion by students. I therefore wish to urge you to work hard from the very beginning and remain steadfast.

The lecturers who will support you to become an expert in your chosen field are among the best in the country. They are widely experienced in their respective fields. We also have programme leaders for all the 35 programmes on offer. Their work is to ensure that all the units you study here are of the highest quality standards and are in tandem with market demands. You can therefore rest assured that you are in the best hands.

However, we are not all about studies. We have put in place programs and initiatives aimed at ensuring that you leave KAFUCO armed with ethical, digital, global and entrepreneurial skills necessary enable you take on the next phase with confidence.

Remember to cultivate your social life as well. We have a vibrant campus life as you have already been told. There are clubs, societies, outreach and voluntary programmes which will help build you into a wholesome person.

As part of long-term staff development strategies, the University College offers Masters scholarships to students who attain First Class Honours at the end of the degree programmes. The opportunity comes with guaranteed paid internship and subsequent job opening as part of our vibrant staff establishment.



Like many young universities, KAFUCO strives to provide an enabling environment to students, staff and research collaborators. Against limited resources, we have greatly invested in modernizing and expanding the university to ensure the highest levels of quality is assured as enrolment continues to rise.

The success of this growth depends on you playing your part by promptly paying fees as spelled out in your admission letters.

We are devoted to our Mission to provide quality education and training, research and innovation to meet the needs of a dynamic society.

To achieve this, we are placing at your disposal resources such the current libraries and utra modern library that is soon coming up with improved access to learning material; a robust ICT infrastructure, including smart boards in some of the lecture halls, and some of the best programme leaders and lecturers in the field of academia.

Make good use of the resources this university avails to you and abide by the guidelines contained in your student handbook.

Our primary aim is to mould and send into the dynamic world a competent professional or an innovative entrepreneur who drives change.

Across the world, institutions of our caliber are making the migration to the digital platform so as to offer learners the much-desired flexibility in accessing quality education.

To prepare you for this revolution, we at KAFUCO have embraced technology and have dedicated resources to ensure you are a part of the transition from the beginning.

As you have learned during the earlier phase of this orientation program, some of your classes may be online or blended. You have been inducted and onboarded onto the e-Campus.

I want to urge you to fully embrace technology enabled learning because even the future of the job market is digital.


Dear students,

You are joining this University at a moment that is not any different from that under which you sat your KCSE examinations. The world, and indeed, the country, is still battling newer variants of the disease.

We have had to adjust our operations, including embracing blended learning, to make the University safe for the entire KAFUCO community. We have taken careful measures to avoid the spread of the pandemic and it will be important that you follow these measures for the benefit of not just yourself, but the community.


Just like the settings you all come from, KAFUCO is established in a community. We have cultured a good relationship with the surrounding community and I want to appeal to each of you to make a positive contribution towards that relationship

Take time to understand and appreciate the way of life of your new neighbours and treat everyone with respect and humility.

I want to urge those of you residing in hostels off-campus to respect your hosts. Pay your rent on time and take good care of the resources availed to you, just the way you would your own.

Make do with that which is available and your stay here will be memorable.


As I have said, our vibrant campus life will offer you a lot of freedom which comes with its share of social risks. Exercise this freedom with a lot of responsibility and endeavor only to cultivate healthy and beneficial friendships which will build positively towards your future.

In the University, you are considered an adult responsible for all your decisions. Still, I urge you to lead a responsible life. Shun companies and activities that will lead you down the path of destruction such as reckless sexual behavior, use of drugs and alcoholism, as well as other destructive habits.

Explore the healthful community activities we have on offer such as social clubs, games and sports for better health and a stronger mind, which in turn will help you focus on your mission here.

We have recently formulated Sports and Talent Policy to help nurture your gifts. I wish to urge you to fully explore these gifts both for wholesome growth and for the added advantages they present as career or scholarship opportunities.

My young scholars, in case you lose track on the way, we have a careers office which will help you to refocus.


Reports indicate that college and university students make up one of the largest groups of drug abusers nationwide. Young people (18 to 24 years of age) are prime targets for drug abuse, binge drinking, addiction and alcoholism.

The temptation to fall prey is high because, according to these reports, alcoholism and drug abuse make socializing easier.

Some of the reasons cited for this kind of behaviour include peer pressure, curiosity, bad company, stress and course load.

Please take exceptional care and seek help from the University any time you feel at risk of falling victim to these social ills. We have Guidance and Counselling services at our clinic. Please, feel free to contact them whenever there is need.

As you embark on this journey under the prevailing circumstances, great challenges and great opportunities lie ahead. Accept the challenges so that you can feel the joy of victory. I kindly ask you to be disciplined, focused, hardworking and God fearing as you face your future here.

I wish you a safe, happy and challenging academic journey at Kaimosi Friends University College. Once again, welcome, class of 2021.

Commission for University Education (CUE) Chairman Prof. Chacha Nyaigoti Chacha today visited the University College on a familiarization tour ahead of anticipated award of charter to Kaimosi Friends University College.

Prof Chacha was received by the University College Management Board chaired by the Principal Prof. Ogodo, M.J. Nandi and was appraised on the progress of the quest for the University Charter.

The CUE chairman lauded the efforts being made by the Management in offering quality education and training, research and innovation


24 June 2021, 7:08 am

KAFUCO academic staff Research Seminar Series launched

21 June 2021, 8:52 am

The KAFUCO Research Seminar Series for academic staff has been launched to drive our commitment to the research mandate. 

The seminars offer opportunity for both academic staff and postgraduate students to get acquainted with research work conducted by University College, with a view to strengthen our research output and attract research grants.

Hosted weekly by the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach the seminars are geared towards cultivating our faculty into grant-winning researchers by honing their understanding of academic research, grant proposal writing skills as well as multidisciplinary collaborations both amongst themselves and with likeminded institutions and industry.

The output is expected to strengthen our multidisciplinary research center. 

Researchers and participants will discuss their academic work, share knowledge on various topical issues and create linkages with scholars in other institutions.

The series was opened by the Principal Prof. Ogodo M.J Nandi. 

Prof Nandi, a grant-winning professor of Religion and Philosophy, challenged participants to exploit the opportunity to drive multidisciplinary research at KAFUCO. He said the forum offered opportunity for the University College to upscale quest for a multidisciplinary research center with impactful output. 

Kaimosi Friends University College has facilitated the training of over 50 heads of sections on ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System with a view of strengthening effectiveness in service delivery.

The unit heads are expected to document quality service delivery standards, thus steering the implementation of the QMS, and aligning our operations with international best practices. 

The three-day training was conducted by ACAL Consulting Services Ltd between June 9, and June 11, 2021. 

Our Principal Prof. Ogodo M.J Nandi said the quest demonstrates “our commitment to improve our customer satisfaction and practice adherence to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.”

QMS consists of written and controlled guidelines and procedures that form a foundation for all procedures, making them organized and predictable.

KAFUCO-Jumuia Hospital World Malaria Day community engagement

29 April 2021, 9:12 am

Malaria 2  DSC04567 

Kaimosi Friends University College has opened partnership talks with the Jumuia Hospitals Limited to strengthen training for the proposed School of Nursing, whose establishment peaks this September.

The University plans to rope in the Government to help bring to life an Intensive Care Unit at Jumuia Friends Hospital Kaimosi with sights on training specialized critical care nurses at the facility once the School of Nursing matures.

The hospital, which neighbours the University in the vast Kaimosi Complex, has a 10-bed ICU wing equipped with an oxygen plant. However, this potential to breathe life into the much-needed critical care in the region is idle due to lack of human resources for health.

KAFUCO hopes later establish a critical care training center to expose and stoke the interest of Nursing students’ in the niche specialization, thereby boosting their expertise and employability.

The deal is informed by KAFUCO’s mission to provide quality education to meet the needs of a dynamic society. Currently, there’s a gaping shortage of ICU care in the Western region, with just Kakamega offering no more than five operational beds.

Further, dearth of institutions training of critical caregivers has left the life-restoring units operating at fractions of their capacities in the wake of increasing demand for specialized care.

The Principal Prof Ogodo M. J Nandi on Wednesday March 30, 2021 met a delegation from the Jumuia Hospitals Limited led by National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) General Secretary Rev Canon Chris Kinyanjui for talks on the proposal.

Prof Nandi said the fruition of the deal offered “both institutions opportunity for growth with KAFUCO standing to benefit from improved training.”

The University’s expansion plan entails mounting of a Medical School.

Mr Kinyanjui pledged commitment towards the partnership, stating that the unit would be a critical boost to quality healthcare in the larger western Kenya region.

KAFUCO signs Recognition Agreement with KUSU

4 March 2021, 5:30 am

Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO) Management has inked a Recognition Agreement (RA) with
the Kenya Universities Staff Union (KUSU), paving ground for representation of administrative, technical,
and ICT staff.
The document will regulate the relationship between union members and the University Management,
including how to manage staff for maximum productivity.
It was signed by the Principal Prof Ogodo M.J Nandi, Deputy Principal Academic and Student Affairs Dr
Erick Okwako (for DP Finance and Development); and acting KUSU Chairman Ernest Wayaya, Secretary
General Dr Charles Mukhwaya and Treasurer James Makori.
The signing was witnessed by KAFUCO Legal Officer Linet Mayavi and interim branch Secretary Seth
Developed using a standard template, the signing ceremony came after approvals by the Management
and University College Council.
Hitherto the relationship between KAFUCO and the KUSU has been anchored on the Collective
Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed with Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology – the
parent institution.
The agreement presents KAFUCO the autonomy to directly engage the union and have substantive
officials representing members. Further, a committee by the University College Management Board can
now pursue a CBA.
Prof Nandi lauded the step and asked KUSU to pay special attention to young universities which have
unique challenges.
“We want to urge you to pay special attention to young universities. Our doors are open; nurture us
well. We do not want to repeat the mistakes made by established peers,” he remarked.
Dr Mukhwaya lauded the goodwill leading to the signing of the RA, which will help “regulate
engagements between the union and the university.
He challenged the management to consult the union and pledged to help KAFUCO branch grow.