The University College subscribes to an ethos of service to and relevance in the community, through its Community Engagement and Outreach, and Linkage and Partnership policies.

BodaBoda operation, a fast growing sector, is a major form of transport in the area, preferred by our students as well as some staff due to convenience and inaccessible roads in the village. The riders are part of our stakeholders and partners.
The safety, livelihood and development of the operators as well as commuters are thus a concern to the University College.

In this regard, on 28th March, 2019 the University College organized an activity for the BodaBoda operators from the Hamisi Sub-county. The engagement was multipronged; Marketing, collaboration, and partnering. The activity involved issuance of reflector jackets for enhanced visibility on the road thus ensuring their personal protection. It was also a moment to communicate to the operators their place in the wider mission of the University College; as stakeholders and as service providers and most importantly, enhance the visibility of the University College through branding.

The function was a resounding success as evidenced by the turnout of at least six (600) hundred bodaboda riders which surpassed the earlier anticipated number of three (300) riders. In appreciation the bodaboda operators promised to steer off negative publicity that would severe their relationships with the students who were their main clients. They also agreed to form welfare groups that would enable them tap on the investment opportunities available at KAFUCO, which resonated with the mission and philosophy of the Kaimosi Friends University College of meeting and impacting on societal needs.

On Friday 8th February 2019 the Principal appointed Dr. Kelvin Omieno as the acting Dean, School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT). The School was formerly housed under the School of Science and Computing (SOSCI) as a department of computing and Informatics.

Under the leadership of Dr. Omieno, the school aims to create its own niche by spearheading focused skill-based teaching, research, training, development and community service in the fields of Information and Communication Technology.
the establishment of the school is in line with Vision 2030 and the University College Strategic Plan with a view of the potential of increasing ICT’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through enhanced innovative products, Research, Innovation and Consultancy, increased productivity and utilization of available technologies sustainably. The school will house three (3) departments and one (1) unit namely: Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE), department of Information Technology and Informatics (ITI), department of Information Systems and Security (ISS) and Innovation and Computer Applications unit (ICAU). Already the proposal outlining Strategic direction of the school was presented and approved by University College Academic Board. The school has the following programmes approved by Senate and CUE: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Diploma in Information technology and Certificate in Information technology.

komieno2ICT is a fast-growing industry in the Kenyan economy and this can’t be gainsaid. The establishment of SCIT will focus the School’s personnel towards attaining the University college vision of being a Centre of excellence in Information Technology, Sciences and Innovation. It will propel the University College towards making its contribution to the local community, the county, and the nation in the attainment of the Vision 2030, and Millennium Development Goals in the East African region. The school aims to broaden the mandate of ICT scientists to open up for more and stronger possible collaborations between the School and other stakeholders/partners including communities, industry and international organizations that are focused on ICT besides rolling out student-specific activities including hackathons, boot camps and research groups such as Software Development Research Group (SoDev) amongst others.

Mr And Ms Kafuco, 2018/2019

11 April 2019, 1:41 pm

KAFUCO 2018/2019 (center) receive bouquets of flowers from their predecessors, Mr. and Ms. KAFUCO, 2017/2018.
The KAFUCO tamasha day was held on Friday 22nd March, 2019 with sporting events during the day and a climax of selecting the Mr and Miss KAFUCO 2019 during the evening hours.

tamashaThe event was marked with various participants from the teaching and non-teaching staff, the students and entire KAFUCO community.

This was also a venture for various students who ended up shooting their music videos and launching their Audio/video albums