16 January 2020, 5:56 am

Kaimosi Friends University College (A Constituent College of Masinde Muliro University
of Science and Technology) wishes to announce to prospective candidates who wish to pursue their
academic studies that applications are invited to fill vacancies in the following programmes for the
January, May Intake for 2019/2020 and September Intake for 2020/2021 Academic years: For more information click here

KAFUCO in Research Partnership with the University of New Mexico

14 January 2020, 11:02 am

Kaimosi Friends University College has initiated a partnership with the University of New Mexico to jointly establish a multi-disciplinary research center at the University College.

Dr Billy Jiveti, a researcher at the overseas university is leading the talks which begun today January 13, 2020 with a conception meeting between the researcher, our Principal Professor Ogodo J.M Nandi and the Deputy Governor Dr Patrick Saisi. The County Government is involved in the collaboration.

The center will conduct workshops, conferences as well as explore technologies and innovations which the lead researcher can explore jointly with KAFUCO students, lecturers and other local researchers.

Through the center researchers at the university college are expected to draft several research proposals in areas that can help strengthen capacities of the local community such as agribusiness and food security.

It is also expected to lead to launching of key short courses and programmes in areas such as environmrntal conservation.

Our Principal Profosseor Ogodo J.M Nandi welcomed the collaboration and pledged full support towards its establishment within KAFUCO.

He said the upcoming faculties such as the School of Nursing would greatly benefit from such programmes.

The centre is in line with KAFUCO plans to expand research and nurture innovation and explore local, regional and international linkages to strengthen this.

Professor Nandi said “We welcome the interdisciplinary research center because we are convinced that is the way to go in order to attract research funding.”

Through the Center, the University College plans to establish a language laboratory as part of efforts to strengthen training in linguistics as well as hone communicators and journalists

Among proposals by KAFUCO are community-centered research themes on food security to help the local communities strengthen commercial exploitation of the food crops adaptable to the region, such as cocoyams.

KAFUCO jointly with Rongo University and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Teschnology are among frontrunners for a Sh3 billion research grant by Regional Universities Forum (RUFORUM) for Capacity Building in Agriculture

This is the second such centre at the University College after a biogel fuel production unit backed by BioInnovate Africa. The bioalkanol fuel production unit will be set up nex month.

The University has received a donation of laboratory equipment from a US-based non-government organisation – The Reagent Project Inc– to help strengthen training and research.

The School of Science’s Physical Science Department received assorted equipment on Friday, October 28 following a successful application by Dr Victor Shikuku, a lecturer and research fellow at the university, in February 2018.

The consignment includes high-tech apparatus which are expected to greatly advance both undergraduate and postgraduate training, especially in material science and water quality analysis.

It comprises an X-ray diffractometer and a polarimeter used in studying and characterization of material, water quality testers, thermo-biosafety cabinet used for safe experimentation and a salinity meter.

The Principal Professor Jack Ogodo Nandi ceremoniously received the apparatus and noted that they would remarkably boost advanced research for both the university, neighbouring ones and line Government agencies as well as researchers.

The gears come at a hefty price, with a refurbished XRD machine costing at least Sh2 million. This cost is an obstacle to scientific inquiry for universities that continue to weather decreased Government funding.

The Chair of Physical Science Department Dr Felix Saouma said hitherto researchers at the faculty have had to send samples abroad and other institutions for analysis. With the equipment, there will be a reversal of the trend.

Dr Shikuku sought the equipment to help improve his work testing and improving local water quality. The water quality gears will also be used to test the efficacy of the effluent released into water bodies by industries and institutions.

The Reagent Project collects useful but unused equipment from well-stocked laboratories across the US and gives them to needy institutions on a priority basis.


24 September 2019, 12:03 pm

Last weekend on Saturday 28, September 2019, we hosted the Kaimosi Forest Handball Tournament at the Kaimosi Friends University College Sports Grounds.  This tournament is a collaborative initiative between the institution and the Kenya Handball Federation, Western Chapter.  The objective of KFHT is to develop talent, promote the sport and advocate for the conservation of the Kaimosi Forest and its biodiversity.

A total of 13 teams for the Men/Boys category and 6 teams for the Women/Girls, from a cross colleges, clubs and secondary schools as far Nairobi, Rift Valley and Nyanza participated. The finalists in the clubs category were Sega Girls against Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Sega Girls carried the day in their energetic yet competitive game. They won at 23/19 score. The Men finalists were Eldoret Tang Tang Club against Kakamega Flickers. Tang Tang took the trophy at a score of 8/6. In the Boys Category finalists, Keblonik Boys won by a margin of one score against Kamito Boys at 14/13.  And for the Girls Ebusakami Secondary School won at 13/8 against our home girls Lusengeli Secondary School.

Despite the down pour that is characteristic of the rainforest climate, the teams beamed with satisfaction for having had fun whilst they participated in the tournament. We anticipate that next year this event will be greater and better as we strive to conserve our forest


12 September 2019, 5:45 am

It was colour and pomp last Friday on the 6th of September 2019 during the Principal’s Address Ceremony at the University College. This was the day freshmen were officially welcomed at Kaimosi Friends University, after a week-long of orientation. Members of the academic staff and the Students Governing Council, led by the Principal Prof. O.M.J. Nandi, the Deputy Principal Finance and Administration (F&D), Prof. M.M. Amadalo and Acting Deputy Principal Academic and Student Affairs (ASA), Dr. Erick Okwako, converged at the University College Academic Square adorned in academic gowns as the band serenaded musical tunes. They matched to the Assembly Hall where first years eagerly awaited for the ceremony to begin. 

This is the third Principal’s Address since the institution was incepted in 2014.  The Deputy Principal, F&D was elated to welcome the freshmen to the University College. He elucidated his docket in Finance and Development, and its relevance to the lives of students. He urged them to feel free to consult or table any complaints or challenges concerning infrastructure. He wished them success as they begin their studies.

The Deputy Principal (ASA) advised students to be serious about their four year academic journey. He cited deferment of studies, abuse of drugs and alcohol, violation of state laws and getting into the family way as vices that would deter their academic goals.  He challenged the youngsters to strive to be tops in academics since the University College acknowledges and rewards such good performance with internship opportunities. He also encouraged the students to be active in extracurricular activities under the office of the Dean of Students. 

On the other hand, the Principal Prof. O.M.J. Nandi congratulated the freshmen for joining KAFUCO. He expressed his joy at how the institution has developed from the time it was inherited from the Kaimosi Teachers Training College. He noted that the university has made tremendous strides in technology, infrastructure and inception of new academic programs for undergraduate and post graduate studies. He stated that students can now enjoy modern facilities in terms of smart lecture halls, halls of residence, library and the mess. He said that more structures are still coming up and pretty soon KAFUCO would be at an advanced level.

The principal emphasized that KAFUCO offers equal opportunities to both male and female students regardless of one’s socio-economic background.  And that it is upon the individual student to take advantage of the academic opportunities that the institution offers and become tops. He said that to support growth in the academia and general wellbeing of A students, the University College offers internship and scholarship opportunities to those who attain First Class Honors at graduation. In that connection, he introduced the best performing Alumni of Class 2018, now interns in the institution, and encouraged the new students to follow their example.

The fact that KAFUCO as a community upholds integrity, and character formation is part of its curriculum, the Principal stated that the institution was keen on incorporating an academic culture that would produce excellent individuals for the labour market. To achieve this the university will expose them to programs that will define their self-worth. He however called on them, to desist from negative traits such as indecent dress code, cohabiting, abusing drugs and alcohol, engaging in premarital sex for money and consenting to student-staff relationships. This behavior would only abort or complicate their academic goals.

In conclusion, he asked students to participate actively in extracurricular activities, by exploring their talents to the fullest. He identified Linda Kareha, and Hillary Malanga, alumni of the institution as students who not only excelled academically but also utilized their talents. To date Linda plays for Vihiga United Football Club and Malanga is a gospel artist.

KAFUCO welcomes first years and we wish them success in their undertakings.


11 September 2019, 10:44 am

As summer holidays come to an end, KAFUCO is ecstatic about the turnout of freshmen for the academic year 2019/2020 in various academic disciplines. The students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, expressed confidence that KAFUCO, presented the face academic excellence. Parents as well as guardians also remarked about the serene environment of the institution, and the hospitality of staff during the registration process.

Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO) is an arch University College located in a serene environment in Kaimosi, Vihiga County, Kenya. The college provides a unique and enriching environment for studying where students and lecturers interact with the Mother Nature of Kaimosi Tropical rain forest and its biodiversity.

Our students enjoy a learner centered kind of education that enhances intellectual skills and character development, because we believe a good kind of university education should shape an individual to be an expert that can work in both local and international platforms.  Graduates from our University College are dynamic, holistic and ready to blend in any environment.

Currently, the University College has advanced by developing new programmes for both undergraduate and post graduate. Some of the courses include Master of Education in English Language, Master of Arts in Religion, Master of Science in Physics, Master of Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy in Religion, Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature among others.

As we welcome our freshmen to KAFUCO, we wish them success as they pursue academic excellence.

KAFUCO benefits from the world renowned C-DELTA/COL Resource

27 August 2019, 12:06 pm

This summer holiday, members of the Academic staff at Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO), were trained on Digital Education Learning from 20th to 22nd of August 2019. The training dubbed The Commonwealth Digital Education Learning Training in Action (C-Delta) complimented the agreement that was sign between KAFUCO and Commonwealth of Learning (COL) initiated by the Principal of the University College and Dr. Mishra Sanjaya, the lead e-learning educational expert. The training, a long-term program and Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) spearheaded by the School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT), focused on understanding digital identity, developing personal learning networks, sharing digital education leadership with others, using C-DELTA platform among other topics.

In his opening speech, Prof. Ogodo. M.J. Nandi, the Principal of the University College, stated the importance of technology as the driving force of the institution. He indicated that currently the University College has embarked on building a modern ICT infrastructure to support the Open and Distance Education Learning program (ODeL) that was launched last academic year. He challenged lecturers to not only be digital content consumers but also content creators since technology was available as tool to assist them generate concrete knowledge. He added that with the current recruitment of senior lecturers, coupled with a series of capacity building workshops on e-learning, research and grant proposal writing he believes, there shall be quality service delivery in teaching and research. The Principal recognized that this training was a platform for preparing members of staff for the future. 

Other collaborative research, capacity building and linkages includes the University of Salisbury in the USA, to which KAFUCO hosted the CADFP fellow Prof. Fulbert Namwamba, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology and Maseno University among others.

We look forward to the implementation of the newly acquired knowledge and more collaborative initiatives on technology enabled learning delivered by COL. For more information about C-Delta Click on


27 August 2019, 11:47 am

This year’s western region Music Festival was hosted in Vihiga County, at Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO). This is one of the biggest and most popular event in the country that begins from the zone, county, regional and eventually the national level. KAFUCO was crammed with glamour and pomp as the young stars from ECDE, Primary and Secondary schools displayed their exquisite, creative and diverse talents. This occasion that brought together over 500 schools and approximately 1,500 students from across western region, took place from June 23-29, 2019. The participants presented poems, verse, choral and dance in different categories.

The Kaimosi Friends University College top management, headed by Prof. Ogodo, M.J. Nandi, expressed its pleasure and honor to host the event for the first time since the institution was incepted. Being an outstanding and fast growing University in Western Region, the top management was grateful that the Ministry of Education chose KAFUCO as the suitable host to this event, and he challenged both students and teachers to join the University for Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate studies. He emphasized that the university is keen on curving a competitive academic niche as it offers an array of courses in various disciplines. We wish the winners of the regional competitions success as they proceed to the Nationals.


25 April 2019, 12:51 pm

It has come to the knowledge of the Kaimosi Friends University College, that some fraudulent members of the public are using the suppliers contacts from the published prequalified suppliers list from our website by calling them with defrauding intentions.

This is to inform you to avoid such calls and note that the official communication channels for tendering with the University College remain to be 0777373633 as stipulated in the University College Website.

For any complaints get in touch with KAFUCO through the number given here above.

Disability Mainstreaming Seminar Held at KAFUCO

15 March 2019, 1:45 pm

The seminar was held on Friday 15th March 2019 at Kaimosi Friends University College. The facilitator was Mr Manyonge who is the Advisor -National Council of Persons with Disability. The seminar had two sessions the morning session was for staff and afternoon session was for students. 
The seminar focused on the background and purpose of disability mainstreaming, focus on mainstreaming, determination of Disability, categories of Persons with Disability (PWD) and thematic areas objectives and strategies of Disability Mainstreaming which entails employment, remuneration and compensation, procurement, advocacy and inclusion
Staff and students were informed the meaning of Disability mainstreaming which is a Strategy for making concerns and experiences of PWDs an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies and programs in all political, economic, and societal spheres so that PWDs have the same access to all as non-PWDS(Handicap International, 2009) . 
The purpose of mainstreaming was to promote a motivated and high performing workforce, enhance staff morale through equal opportunity employers. 
The other aim was for corporate social responsibility: involving persons with disabilities improves public image of the organization. 
Members were encouraged to change their negative perceptions towards PWDs and cautioned that having disability can occur at any time in ones’ life through accidents, disease, medical condition, age, inheritance and other psychological problems. 
There are several categories of PWDs:- Mentally retarded, physical impairment, learning difficulties, speech disorders, visual impairments, hearing impaired, bipolar, psychological conditions, mental illness, medical disorders.
It was noted that the environment can disable or limit accessibility of services and education to persons with disability. The language used towards PWDs should be friendly, the infrastructure should be in support for PWDs and that there should be no discrimination in any institution. Students with special needs should be catered for in the setting of exams either by providing big prints or Braille or the skills to be tested.
In embracing PWDs KAFUCO has to embrace engage them them in the daily activities of the institution like the student leadership and DMC should include one student with disability to ensure their needs are catered for and voice heard in all aspects of the institution. This is in line with the saying “Nothing for Us without Us”. 
All ongoing renovations and new buildings incorporate all views of PWDs and will be inspected by experts/Rep from the National council for PWDs before handing over can be done. 
All adverts should include a clause for PWDs to apply. Procurement should ensure AGPO is adhered to. Youth, gender, women and PWDs should form 30% of all tenders.
The advisor also informed members that 5% of all employees should be PWDs.And that they should exempted from paying taxes so long as they register and have a report.
The inclusion of PWDs is therefore a must in all activities in the institution.