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The Principal addressing freshmen for Academic Year 2019/2020 and  introduces the KAFUCO Student Governing Council The Principal addressing freshmen for Academic Year 2019/2020 and introduces the KAFUCO Student Governing Council

It was colour and pomp last Friday on the 6th of September 2019 during the Principal’s Address Ceremony at the University College. This was the day freshmen were officially welcomed at Kaimosi Friends University, after a week-long of orientation. Members of the academic staff and the Students Governing Council, led by the Principal Prof. O.M.J. Nandi, the Deputy Principal Finance and Administration (F&D), Prof. M.M. Amadalo and Acting Deputy Principal Academic and Student Affairs (ASA), Dr. Erick Okwako, converged at the University College Academic Square adorned in academic gowns as the band serenaded musical tunes. They matched to the Assembly Hall where first years eagerly awaited for the ceremony to begin. 

This is the third Principal’s Address since the institution was incepted in 2014.  The Deputy Principal, F&D was elated to welcome the freshmen to the University College. He elucidated his docket in Finance and Development, and its relevance to the lives of students. He urged them to feel free to consult or table any complaints or challenges concerning infrastructure. He wished them success as they begin their studies.

The Deputy Principal (ASA) advised students to be serious about their four year academic journey. He cited deferment of studies, abuse of drugs and alcohol, violation of state laws and getting into the family way as vices that would deter their academic goals.  He challenged the youngsters to strive to be tops in academics since the University College acknowledges and rewards such good performance with internship opportunities. He also encouraged the students to be active in extracurricular activities under the office of the Dean of Students. 

On the other hand, the Principal Prof. O.M.J. Nandi congratulated the freshmen for joining KAFUCO. He expressed his joy at how the institution has developed from the time it was inherited from the Kaimosi Teachers Training College. He noted that the university has made tremendous strides in technology, infrastructure and inception of new academic programs for undergraduate and post graduate studies. He stated that students can now enjoy modern facilities in terms of smart lecture halls, halls of residence, library and the mess. He said that more structures are still coming up and pretty soon KAFUCO would be at an advanced level.

The principal emphasized that KAFUCO offers equal opportunities to both male and female students regardless of one’s socio-economic background.  And that it is upon the individual student to take advantage of the academic opportunities that the institution offers and become tops. He said that to support growth in the academia and general wellbeing of A students, the University College offers internship and scholarship opportunities to those who attain First Class Honors at graduation. In that connection, he introduced the best performing Alumni of Class 2018, now interns in the institution, and encouraged the new students to follow their example.

The fact that KAFUCO as a community upholds integrity, and character formation is part of its curriculum, the Principal stated that the institution was keen on incorporating an academic culture that would produce excellent individuals for the labour market. To achieve this the university will expose them to programs that will define their self-worth. He however called on them, to desist from negative traits such as indecent dress code, cohabiting, abusing drugs and alcohol, engaging in premarital sex for money and consenting to student-staff relationships. This behavior would only abort or complicate their academic goals.

In conclusion, he asked students to participate actively in extracurricular activities, by exploring their talents to the fullest. He identified Linda Kareha, and Hillary Malanga, alumni of the institution as students who not only excelled academically but also utilized their talents. To date Linda plays for Vihiga United Football Club and Malanga is a gospel artist.

KAFUCO welcomes first years and we wish them success in their undertakings.

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