Disability Mainstreaming Seminar Held at KAFUCO

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The seminar was held on Friday 15th March 2019 at Kaimosi Friends University College. The facilitator was Mr Manyonge who is the Advisor -National Council of Persons with Disability. The seminar had two sessions the morning session was for staff and afternoon session was for students. 
The seminar focused on the background and purpose of disability mainstreaming, focus on mainstreaming, determination of Disability, categories of Persons with Disability (PWD) and thematic areas objectives and strategies of Disability Mainstreaming which entails employment, remuneration and compensation, procurement, advocacy and inclusion
Staff and students were informed the meaning of Disability mainstreaming which is a Strategy for making concerns and experiences of PWDs an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies and programs in all political, economic, and societal spheres so that PWDs have the same access to all as non-PWDS(Handicap International, 2009) . 
The purpose of mainstreaming was to promote a motivated and high performing workforce, enhance staff morale through equal opportunity employers. 
The other aim was for corporate social responsibility: involving persons with disabilities improves public image of the organization. 
Members were encouraged to change their negative perceptions towards PWDs and cautioned that having disability can occur at any time in ones’ life through accidents, disease, medical condition, age, inheritance and other psychological problems. 
There are several categories of PWDs:- Mentally retarded, physical impairment, learning difficulties, speech disorders, visual impairments, hearing impaired, bipolar, psychological conditions, mental illness, medical disorders.
It was noted that the environment can disable or limit accessibility of services and education to persons with disability. The language used towards PWDs should be friendly, the infrastructure should be in support for PWDs and that there should be no discrimination in any institution. Students with special needs should be catered for in the setting of exams either by providing big prints or Braille or the skills to be tested.
In embracing PWDs KAFUCO has to embrace engage them them in the daily activities of the institution like the student leadership and DMC should include one student with disability to ensure their needs are catered for and voice heard in all aspects of the institution. This is in line with the saying “Nothing for Us without Us”. 
All ongoing renovations and new buildings incorporate all views of PWDs and will be inspected by experts/Rep from the National council for PWDs before handing over can be done. 
All adverts should include a clause for PWDs to apply. Procurement should ensure AGPO is adhered to. Youth, gender, women and PWDs should form 30% of all tenders.
The advisor also informed members that 5% of all employees should be PWDs.And that they should exempted from paying taxes so long as they register and have a report.
The inclusion of PWDs is therefore a must in all activities in the institution.

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