Post Graduate Research

Organization of Research and Graduate Directorate

The following offices advice and coordinate research matters to KAFUCO through:

  • The Director has the overall responsibility for the management of the research activities of the University College.
  • The Director is the chair of the University College Research and graduate Committees that approve and oversee all matters pertaining the Research and graduate School.

The URC Members

  1. B.R. Shiundu -  Director RIO/DGS                     -        Chairman
  2. P. Nyongesa -  Director PC                             -        Member
  3. A. Busula -  CoD, Biological & Agriculture     -        Member
  4. F. Saouma -  Ag. Dean, SOSCI                       -        Member
  5. E. Okwako -  Ag. DP. ASA/Dean, SESS            -        Member
  6. T. Mong’are -  CoD, SESS                                -        Member
  7. D. Ouma -  Ag. Dean, SOBE                        -        Secretary
  8. M. K. Kitone -  Admin Assistance , RIO              -        Member       

Resources in support of Research

  • External
  • Internal

Internal Funding – University Research Funds (URF)

  • The University College shall set aside funds annually for research purposes
  • The URF under the UCRC shall be used to support research aligned to the university College priorities and which shall be seen as investments on the range of what the University College expects from research.
  • URF shall be allocated by UCRC and will be distributed as follows:
  • 60% as Annual Research Grant (ARG)
  • 10% for development of critical capital equipment
  • 10% to support research publications
  • 18% to support extension services
  • 2% to support administrative services